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The mistake that most make (unintentionally) when fully immersed into the corporate or media world, is that they easily forget the fundamentals of any business or product that requires support. The Cup size: The exact coffee or whisky cup is important to the drinker. Your name should be on it- VISIBLE in front of everyone, especially when enjoying that well-earned flight. 

Cars don’t allow for ‘customer service’ as you are the driver, but to be chauffeured-that is another story! The service is remarkable. 

Customer service. 

We tend to get nostalgic of the days when a phone call was answered back with ‘Sexy Dialogue.’ Was a big thing when Analogue was around. Now we are the experts that brought you Sexy Telephone Etiquette; the thing about evolution is that we evolve accordingly. Taken the success of the previous implementation, into banks and various other industries.

The same team that brought you 1st Class Training.

Now brings you “SEXY Message etiquette” Name still a work in progress: The principles remain the same.

Turning on and off a customer.



Anger Management

These and many others as we migrate towards the Digital Platforms.

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Hopefully, the text and icons have lined up. Responsive Website. Please feel free to click on the Links. Will direct to various locations or spots on the Presentation. including a Live Demo if a human is really behind these Chatbots or alternatively an automated response if this Live Demonstration works. You should have received a private message on your phone. For your eyes only. That is the magic of websites (we have the tools) just not using it together.

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